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December 2017

This disclaimer applies to all websites operated by De Koning Vergouwen Advocaten (hereafter: “DKVA”), including www.dekoningvergouwen.nl and www.dkva.nl (hereafter jointly or individually specified as the “Website”).

By visiting the Website you declare to be aware of and agree with the content of this disclaimer.


Conditions of use

The Website provides general information concerning specific legal subjects. This is not intended to provide legal advice for specific situations. The information shown on the Website is carefully constituted by DKVA, yet cannot be held responsible for the correctness and completeness thereof. DKVA does not accept any liability concerning the correctness and completeness of the information shown on the Website. References to sites, not maintained by DKVA, are solely for information purposes. Although DKVA acts with the utmost selectivity with respect to the sites that are referred to, DKVA cannot be responsible for the content and the functioning thereof, nor for the quality of products and/or services that are possibly offered. The visitor of the Website is not allowed to multiply, distribute, spread or to make available (for a consideration) the content of the Website to third parties, without explicit consent of DKVA in writing.

Copyright and trademark law

DKVA is, except to the extent that is stated otherwise, the owner or proprietor of all intellectual property rights with regard to the Website and the information shown, including the copyright.

Permission is granted to take note of the Website and the information shown on the Website, and to make copies for personal use, including the saving, printing, reproducing and distributing of information, provided that the information will not be modified and reference to these conditions of use and the general terms and conditions is included. Any other use of the Website and the information shown on the Website, including the creation of links (hypertekst and deep links) is not allowed without explicit consent of DKVA in writing.

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