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“I’ll take care of it.”

Jan de Koning

Down-to-earth girl from Zaandam. Studied Law in Leiden as well as in Amsterdam, where she easily graduated for her master(s). Started during her studies as a secretary at De Koning Vergouwen Advocaten and quickly moved up. Now a fulltime lawyer.

Accurate, detailed and calm. Has a preference for Employment law. Likes to advice (large) employers and focusses on termination and terms of employment. Employees can also count on her. She advises in clear language. Her research is always thorough. The word ‘stress’ does not exist in her dictionairy.

Loyal and reliable. Has the cutest dog ever. Loves to travel the world. Big fan of Asia. Not just on the beach, but really exploring. South-Africa is on her to-do-list. Furthermore, she loves to cook and bake. Her red velvet cake wouldn’t be missplaced at The Great Brittish Bake-off (of Heel Holland Bakt)

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