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I look at all angles

Logic chases truth up the tree of grammar


Lived all over The Netherlands, from north to south. Finished law school in Leiden and currently resides in Haarlem. Previously worked at a notary office, but wanted to transfer to advocacy. Since the beginning of 2020 active at De Koning Vergouwen Advocaten.

She specializes in juvenile law, family law and inheritance law. A good communicator and very thorough. At DKVA she works on divorces, alimony, contact arrangements, estates, etcetera. In balance and focused. Sees possibilities everywhere.

As enthusiastic as it gets. Always the public speaker, gives a toast or speech without any hesitation. Visited every capital city in Europe and often on the beach or terrace. Devours literary thrillers. Is going to discover her talent for skiing at DKVA.

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