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Even at home I’m a lawyer (“I substantiate everything”)

Logic chases truth up the tree of grammar


Michel Heijlaerts

Down-to-earth negotiator. Moved further and further eastwards over the past few years. Found his sweet spot in Tiel. For years he ran the Social Fund Taxi department for the Collective Labour Agreement authority. A lawyer since 2007.

A whiz in the field of Compliance with Collective Agreements for Temporary Employees. In the taxi trade and the employment agency industry. Advises and conducts legal proceedings. Already has almost 500 victories in the Compliance with the Collective Agreements under his belt. Broadly experienced in employment law. Experienced in dismissal cases, non-solicitation clauses and non-competition clauses and other terms and conditions of employment. An effective negotiator with practical solutions. Creative in his method of approach. Never takes unnecessary risks. Faithful and loyal. Always reachable for his clients. Completed employment law at the Grotius Academy.

A social, outdoorsy man. He cooks and plays sport with equal fanaticism. In his free time he is also a member of the Board of Governors of a welfare corporation (Mozaïek).

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