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Transformation by co-creation

Do not wax indignant. Understand


Arthur Hol

A real networker. Graduated in law as well as psychology. Brings both disciplines into action every day. Considers himself the connection between people and ideas. Partner of DKVA since 2013.

Lawyer+. Fair and loyal. For many years he has concentrated on complex reorganisations and change processes. Besides employment law lawyer he is an organizational psychologist, mediator, teacher, entrepreneur and author of specialist literature. A visionary and a pioneer. Dedicated to mergers and acquisitions. A lot of experience with participation in decision-making. Attention for giving meaning and self-development. Appreciates the human dimension.

Is very fond of travelling and good food. In his free time he loves reading. An enthusiast for novel configurations of leadership and organising. Goes to the woods or the beach with his family whenever he can. Father of Olivia and Victoria.

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