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Give me the technical files.

It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well


Bo Holthinrichs

Raised in Groningen and Drenthe, a true northerner who, after studying law in Groningen (criminal law), specialized in civil law. He also completed a master’s degree at the UvA. He has now settled in Amsterdam-West. For years, he worked as a corporate lawyer and legal aid provider at a bank and an insurer. He even obtained a PhD on the subject of ‘free choice of lawyer in insurance law’. Since 2023, he has been working at De Koning Vergouwen Advocaten.

Bo is part of the civil section of DKVA. He is involved in construction law, tenancy law, and apartment law, among others. In addition, he handles many cases in the field of liability law and insurance law. Passionate, inventive, and always thinking outside the box. He likes to assist entrepreneurs and VvEs. Persistent and socially involved. He bites into technical files where he has to puzzle endlessly. He enjoys a good plea in court. Always eager to write a blog, article, or white paper.

Bo in three words: swimming, sailing, and music. He likes to travel and visit family in the United States (Atlanta, Texas, and New York). His friends describe him as involved and witty. He never misses a pun. He loves playing chess. He is musical: good at playing the guitar and getting better at producing house music.

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