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“I take care of your worries.”

Jan de Koning

Unshakable lawyer for Labour law. Quick and structured thinker. Versatile as legal strategist in complex reorganization and participation in decision-making matters.

Nowadays Koopman frequently acts on behalf of employers in welfare and childcare facility. Diminished subsidy amounts, increased costs and social reprofiling prompted this sector -that depended highly on government financing- during the past few years to drastic budget cuts. This way Koopman will be often found at the negotiation table with the Unions, Works Councils and Local Authorities. Tactfully she enters into consultation on a social plan or a strategy for a decent severance arrangement for employees declared redundant.

‘The abundance of players involved in a reorganisation in the welfare sector and childcare; I sometimes compare my work to playing chess at five tables at the time.’

She is a specialised expertise of this sector. Most important is her understanding of the welfare people’s language peppered with abbreviation and flowery euphemisms. Then she strictly observes the protocols preached by herself in her own course ‘Reorganisation and Dismissal.’ And then she knows -only by a few masterstrokes- to achieve the maximum final objective.

In addition to an expert in Labour law Koopman operates also in the area of subsidies and collective agreements law. Since 2012 Charlotte Koopman is partner of De Koning Vergouwen Advocaten.

Additional functions: (former) member of the Supervisory Board of the welfare organization Combiwel Amsterdam, member of the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association, employer member of the complaints committee entrepreneurs Association Social Sector as established in the scope Social Plan Welfare organisations in Amsterdam.

Proficiency test: Koopman completed the PALA specialist training course on Labour law, the postgraduate course for experienced labour law lawyers.

Why De Koning Vergouwen? ‘Never any hoo-ha here’.

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