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I’ll always come back: time and time again

It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well


Michiel Vergouwen

Raised on Zeeland clay. Always rode his bike against a headwind. This may well explain his wild hairdo. Gained diplomas in law and human resource studies. A strong combination. For years he was the executive of a company with 500+ employees. Since 2008 namegiver of DKVA.

Jack-of-all-trades. Broadly oriented to civil law and has specialised in employment law for more than twenty years. Qualified mediator, and, together with Charlotte Koopman, managing partner of DKVA. A razor-sharp negotiator. Employers as well as employees know where to find him. Achievement-oriented, competitive and a real fighter. Always testing the limits. Sometimes frustratingly fastidious. Knows the collective employment law like no other. Flexible labour market specialist. Is enthusiastic to share his knowledge. At universities, with the PALA and in the SDU publishers commentary.

‘Sporty’ is an understatement. Cycles, runs and plays tennis fanatically. The best skier in the office (by his own account.) Appreciates a good glass of wine (or two). Together with friends or with his wife. A real family man. Rarely misses his children’s sporting events.

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