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Experience feeds creativity, which is essential in finding solutions. In our firm a number of business sectors are over-represented. Obviously this is not a coincidence. The fact is that we may well mention ourselves an authority in the following branches of industry: welfare, childcare, film and entertainment, hospitality and real estate. In other words, we know the

Some sectors in our firm are overrepresented and that certainly is no coincidence. The healthcare sector, well-being and childcare, the hotel and catering industry, the film industry, marketing and IT, immovable property, the employment agency industry and monitoring the collective bargaining agreement, we are very well-informed about these sectors. That is to say: we know the people, we speak the language, and we know what is of any importance in the concerning profession. And not a negligible factor, for the last few decades we have acquired most specific legal knowledge of these industries, so one cannot catch us out.

Our universality and versatility have always proved to be a great advantage. Given that we conduct a large practice and that the lines between our lawyers are exceptionally short, we can steer simply between the different legal areas. For the hotel and catering industry and film industry we are expert at drawing up so-called ‘mixed’ contracts and agreements, with one requirement namely the combined applying of legal areas. Indeed the total is often greater than the sum of the parts.

Our lawyers are known in these sectors not only as level-headed experts, at the same time they act as a sounding board for clients.

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