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It is in discourse that power and knowledge are joined together


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DKVA helps you with advice, counsel, legal proceeding, contract, and/or reconciliation. Everyone and anyone can call on us. We know what it means to be human.

DKVA is a medium-sized firm and is therefore versatile, holistic, and flexible. Close collaboration between our lawyers and jurists means being succinct and effective in combining our knowledge. Our general practice covers all branches of law.

We are generalists, yet each of us has specialist knowledge. We are known far and wide as the go-to legal experts serving the hotel and catering industry, film industry, welfare, care and childcare, immovable property (real estate), IT, flexible labour, marketing, and controlling collective labour agreements. We also have an intimate family law practice, where we fight and stand up for the most delicate relationships. And if necessary our criminal law practice group is composed of formidable criminal lawyers.

Eliminating conflicts: that is our daily job. Here we consider common sense to be worth more than creating unnecessary legal procedures.

We are masters of acting as an intermediary. We keep our heads cool. We go for the long term solution.

Our approach

Winning helps to establish a good reputation. However, the legal profession has developed into more than a mere sparring match. We think that it is best to avoid costly and overly time-consuming procedures. Therefore we will think ahead together with you. By holding up a mirror. By calling on good lawyers who fit in well with our team. By communicating properly and identifying the obstacles and legal pitfalls well in time. We call this method preventative law. One example of our unique approach is the Labour Law audit which we developed.

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