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Is the agreed probationary period correct? Can the employee be held to his/her non-competition as well as his non-solicitation clause, if the need arises? Is the confidentiality clause correctly formulated? Is the applied notice period in accordance with the law and the collective labour agreement? Is the personnel manual complete? Do the sickness regulations and the IT guideline comply with the law and regulations? As a good employer, are you building up a file on the employee’s performance in the proper way?

These are just a few of the many subjects that can lead to costly procedures without proper and timely arrangements. This means that it is increasingly important for you as an entrepreneur to take a critical look at your own terms of employment. This will help you to avoid unnecessary costs for legal assistance, and increases the quality of the organisation. We call this approach ‘preventive law’.

DKVA has developed an Employment Law Audit for this exact purpose. This audit is carried out by one or more lawyers in the Employment Law Department. Your organisation will receive a legal check-up and will be screened for potential risk factors. This ensures that any problems are identified in good time. It goes without saying that we also offer you concrete solutions to assist your planning.

How do we go about our auditing checks?

The first step is to check whether all legally required documents are present. The second step involves checking whether the documents present are in accordance with the legislation and regulations, including any applicable collective labour agreement. We indicate next what the risks are as well as which parts have not been properly arranged and would require further investigation. Finally, we indicate how the gaps can be filled.


It is you, our client, who controls the costs. We determine in consultation with our clients which areas an Employment Law Audit are most important. In addition, clear agreements can be made in advance about costs and timings. It is also possible to make a fixed-price agreement for this Labour Law Audit.


For more information about the Employment Law Audit, feel free to contact Charlotte Koopman.

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