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Who are we

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We are the lawyers of De Koning Vergouwen Advocaten (DKVA).

Why pick DKVA?

Your decision to work with DKVA is based on your desire for a lawyer you can trust, who is your legal adviser in manifold ways. And then we are also a firm that forgets all the fuss, with lawyers who have their minds set on the most effective defence aiming at good results, and who at the same time will be dealing with your case in a down to earth, and pleasant manner.

Quality, not quantity, that is our proposition.

Already in 1985, Jan de Koning founded our law firm. His first practice was in a small office on the third floor at the back of the house, with only one case file, one answering machine and -most important- with a fresh and courageous conviction.

By now almost forty employees work in the classic but modern building in the Amsterdam’s well-known Vondelpark neighbourhood.

Our DKVA partners are Jan de Koning, Michiel Vergouwen, Charlotte Koopman, Meena Kashyap and Arthur Hol. The firm is a partner of the international networks: Globaladvocaten, the European Law Group ELG and the Toledo Group.

We have garnered a well-established reputation throughout the years. DKVA is able to service entire fields of industry, for example the hospitality industry, international film, real estate, welfare, childcare, temporary employment agency branch and taxi companies. Moreover, Sociaal Werk Nederland (the only Dutch employer welfare organization) refers its members to our firm for legal advice. Besides that, DKVA is the trusted business partner of the three biggest CAO (collective bargaining agreements) upholders in the Netherlands. Together we overview the terms and conditions of employment for millions of employees.

In short, we are appreciated by our clients and enjoy their confidence. We also pass on our specialist knowledge and methods to others through the various DKVA study programs.

We realize that all this sounds somewhat pretentious. Throughout it all, though, we have our feet firmly on the ground and remain level-headed. The personal and informal atmosphere has always been our trademark. While enjoying lunch at the office, we still live in the real world where we make our own sandwiches.

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