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Administrative law
Counselling and litigating in the field of administrative law, in particular town & country planning, planning permissions and building permits, planning blight and similar damages, and administrative enforcement notices.

Bankruptcy law (Insolvency law)
Restructuring companies, restart arrangements, petitions for moratoriums on payments, settlements with creditors, and bankruptcy.

Commercial law
Industrial and intellectual property, among which: copyrights, trade names, patents, trademarks, designs & models, drawings, know-how, licences, unfair competition, misleading advertising, unlawful publication, and insurance law.

Company law
Company law, joint ventures, mergers, take-overs, transfers of companies, groups of companies, statutory two-tier companies, partnerships, firms, and cooperation agreements.

Competition law
Netherlands Competition Authority Nma procedures, co-operation agreements between companies (joint ventures), associations of companies, price-fixing, market share agreements, product and sales quota, selective and other forms of distribution, sole selling rights, and exclusive purchase contracts.

Compulsory purchase
Acquisition by authorities, expropriation problems and negotiations, assessments, and all other matters regarding compulsory purchase procedures.

Construction law
Technical construction, arbitrations, building contracts, turnkey projects, additional work, and completion.

European law
Distributor agreements and licensing contracts, and other commercial agreements.

Intellectual property
Agency contracts, distribution, trademarks, trade names, licences, production and all agreements concerning accomplishing film, TV and theatrical productions.

Labour law
Collective bargaining, employment contracts and conditions of employment, appointment and dismissal, dissolution of employment contracts, and redundancy schemes, effects of mergers and company take-overs, the right of co-determination, and works councils.

Law of persons and family law
Community property, divorce, mediation in pension rights after divorce, succession law, partition of an estate, and legal validity of wills.

Legal action, debt-collection, and attachment and seizure
Attaching and seizing, conducting legal proceedings and filing petitions in bankruptcies. Proceedings with complex legal questions.

Migration law
Counselling companies in applying for highly skilled migrants.

Rent law
Renting business and housing accommodation and other immovable property matters, rent, reformulating contracts, and conducting legal proceedings.

Sport, Law and European Union
Sport law transcends the boundaries between the different fields of law. Sport clubs, sport organisations and athletes come into contact with: association law, labour law, sponsorship contracts, liability law, transfer contracts, disciplinary law, image rights, merchandising, European law, administrative law, and many other fields of law.

Tendering law
Tendering law for orders, especially services, deliveries and works.

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