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In this era of the internet the traditional form of advertising and publicity on television and in written media has become considerably subjected to great pressure. This business sector has had to look around indeed over the past few years for a different revenue model. Modern applications of promotion, like Google SEO search engine optimization, cookies, virtual boarding during sporting events, actively directing word-of-mouth advertising publicity, or bringing into action bloggers, vloggers and social media, neither have succeeded so far in turning the tide completely. Yet expectations are that the market will grow again during the coming years. Today about 130,000 consultancy agencies are active, of which about three-quarters are run by independent occupations. The turnover amounts to well over twenty-three thousand million euros annually.

Selling a product in a sparkling and scintillating way has become quite a science little by little, as the consumer and his necessities have to be systematically mapped out first. Then follows the decision on how to influence these.

First a miscellany of statistic analyses, sociology and psychology starts followed by the creative process. The consequence is that quite a number of occupational groups will be involved in marketing a product or brand. Think of e.g. market researchers, data analysts, trend watchers, brand strategists, copywriters, art directors, photographers, printers, web developers and consultants.

And not only consumer and product are the subjects of investigation, also the organisation selling the product and having to adopt a flexible attitude towards the critical consumer has become part of the marketing process.

From the legal viewpoint De Koning Vergouwen look after roughly two issues in this business sector. For one thing the protection of intellectual property plays an important part because marketing activities often lead up to work that can be copied without legal protection.

Also thanks to our thirty years of experience in the film and entertainment industry we are well capable to guide complex copyright processes that come with a creative commercial product. Here we go about structured, critical and with flair. Legal certainty we consider the first foundation indeed of the marketing process.

An other cause why our firm has developed a good feeling for this turbulent business sector is more employment law related. For instance we may advise on putting in personnel by making projects, well-considered and yet flexible, which is very much accepted in the marketing industry. In the past we have guided well-established agencies listed on the stock exchange in major rounds of dismissals.

Our goodwill built up in the branch has made that we -like no other firm- will often act as a strategist on behalf of organisations. That does not come as a surprise. The way how businesses may function more efficiently, however without losing their creativity, is another question we deal with every day in our extensive reorganization practice. We are only too happy to act as a sounding board.

De Koning Vergouwen serve large important marketing agencies like e.g. Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi and Leo Burnett and Digitas LBi.

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