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Competitive attorney with strong analytical skills

Common sense is, of all things among men, the most equally distributed; for every one thinks himself so abundantly provided with it


Bram Furstner

Never beats around the bush. Most probably because he is from The Hague. A son of legal experts. Began his career as a corporate lawyer in the world of advertising. Next he took the plunge into the legal profession. Since 2017 at DKVA and since 2022 partner.

Most versatile in employment law, (European) privacy law and contract law. Engages in all aspects of employment contracts, restructurings and dismissal cases. Is just as eager to assist the big employers as individual employees. Competitive and analytically unyielding. Assesses chances in a timely manner and never lets the case escalate. His background as a corporate lawyer makes him fully adept to his clients’ commercial interests. Completed employment law at the Grotius Academy in 2016.

Likes to socialize and is fond of sports. Soccer for him is an absolute number one. Furthermore loves to sport in the mountains, both on ski’s and on the bike. Married to an Italian and a father of three.

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